Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hair Donation

A good friend of mine has a 7-year-old who was diagnosed with leukemia in February. Dash is fighting an uphill battle with all of the chemo he will have to take over the next three years and he will soon lose his hair.

There was a shave-a-thon that happened in his hometown of Bismarck, North Dakota, where my friend and Dash's dad, Taner, shaved his head, amongst many other men/boys and even 1 girl!  

Kenna thought is was pretty cool, which got us talking about hair donation.  We talked about how when people have long hair and donat it, then wigs can be made out of the hair and that someone else can use the wig when they have cancer and their hair falls out.

The other day we decided that it would be a perfect time for Kenna to donate her hair.

I love her hair!  It is so soft and silky! 
Her hair was mid-back. 
I pinned her hair up with a chip clip to show her roughly how short it would be and what it would look like if we were to cut it! She loved the look.  Brave little girl, for sure! 
Final look with long hair.
Jaimie, who cut her hair was so sweet!  
Final look!  

Saturday, November 16, 2013

More time flew by!

Yikes!  Another few months have passed by!  The party for my dad?  It's going to have to have its own post.  
Since the last update we have finished another awesome summer, gone camping a few times, started school, played a time outside, and thoroughly enjoyed life.
Here is some proof:
Crosby learn how to ride a bike
I fixed up an old dresser that I bought on craigslist


Goofball trying to be a biker like daddy! 

Canning salsa
And pasta sauce

Orchard visits

Parade in Wayzata
Killing time at a wedding
Visiting friends up north

Captain Kim
HHH ... isn't he dreamy!  
Double rainbow on the way home boating!  
Silly Millie

I Flew to Santiago, Chile to watch my sister run her 1st marathon

Chile winery Casillero del Diablo

Watch Mike's football team win the championship

Celebrated birthday #7
Went to the Gopher hockey game
Went trick or treating
And went to another Gopher hockey game!  Phew!  We are now caught up to today! 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Crazy busy, or something like that!

I feel as though life is flying by with record speed. Everyone always told me that as our kids get older, you never really seem to get a grasp on the busyness of life. That is so true!
Over the last couple of months we recently got a new addition to our family: 
Meet Pippi! 
She is such a fun dog. Mike and I never really wanted a small ankle biter dog, until I saw these little puppies at the breeder where we got Kali. She is and Mountain Feist and is hilarious. She doesn't bite our ankles, but she certainly bites Jax's ankles! 

We stayed overnight in a hotel over Mike's spring break:

All boy, with a girl's life jacket on. 😁

We had a little one get sick:
We celebrated a birthday
We traveled to Wisconsin and Iowa

And we recently had a celebration, as it has been 20 years since my dad died. 
More on that to come in another post!