Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter weekend

As our children get older, it seems that the fun and excitement of holidays and celebrations come running back. At times, I wonder who has more fun with all the excitement...our little ones, or Mike and I? Who would think that we would strive to have the "best egg" while decorating eggs, or have the best hiding spot, when hiding the plastic eggs filled with candy for our children?

Regardless, we had an amazing Easter right here in our own home. We dyed eggs on Saturday. Blake loved putting the car stickers on them.

And just for all those Guimond's out there, he definitely "Is a Guimond". Look at that tongue. Seriously-you just want to squeeze him! >div>

And just for those of you that think I only take the pictures, I am in one:

We had such a fun time decorating eggs, enjoying the (finally) nice weather outside and getting some spring cleaning out of the way.

Then, Blake put carrots and "milk" out for the Easter bunny. Milk is actually ranch dressing, but really-who's checking?
And when we woke up . . . the bunny had placed eggs all over the living room and brought Blake new hockey sticks and his own copy of Green Eggs and Ham.

After eggs and a breakfast of apple crispies, we headed off to church for a beautiful service, followed by naps and brunch (at 4:15 in the afternoon) at Sunset's on the lake.


  1. Love it! They are too cute! I am so glad you had a nice Easter. Can't believe those big eyes on McKenna. WOW! Wish we lived closer so we could be together more. For now, this will have to do! Love you

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