Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sibling Rivalry? I think not.

When asked if our children get along, I always say yes. Sure, they may have little quarrels over a toy or a book, but for the most part, they get along perfectly (in our eyes at least). The evidence lies here:

where they are playing on our bed. Blake is trying to keep Kenna from escaping as she attempts to crawl off the bed. And here:

Oh. How I love the two of them playing together. At the end of another day, Blake wanted to "help Henna drink bottle". How can you resist a loving brother trying to help his sister drink her bottle so she can be placed in her bed to drift off to sleep while he gets to read books in his mommy and daddy's bed and then also be placed in his crib to sleep the night away?

BUT...after a bottle and before bed, a little wrestle-mania II must occur!

If these two continue on the trek to friendship that they are on, we are all set!
A little Makenna update:
She is 9 months old.
This week she started crawling...for real. No more army-style crawling for this little babe.
She now attempts to crawl up stairs.
She starting saying "mama" and continues to say it over and over again.
Last night she started clapping, and pretty much hasn't stopped. She seems to already realize you clap when you're excited or want something, or want more of something.
We started signing basic stuff to her (I know. I know. A little late!), and she has picked it up amazingly fast.
She LOVES. LOVES. LOVES her brother.
She loves snuggling her blankie when she goes to bed and sucking her thumb.
She has started to suck her thumb more now when she is getting tired, which is so easy to spot and quickly swoop her up to her bed for never-never land!

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  1. They are so cute together! How fun that they get along so well. Love the new additon of the signature to the blog! Very Chic! :)
    Love to you all!