Thursday, May 28, 2009

weekend warriors

Oh...that we have been the past weekend. We went to Oconomowoc, WI to visit HHH's grandma. I took Friday off and drove the kids the 339.05 miles from our house to Grammy's.
The kids were amazing. We had a few minutes of a screaming fest, but that's to be expected. Blake is really into having "things" with him at all times. We usually set a limit of 2 items, one for each hand, but sometimes you just have to pacify him with more than 2. Such as this picture:

A little while later, I caught him catching some ZZZZZ's.
Seriously. I just love him. To bits and pieces!
While driving to Grammy's I ordered pizza (by dialing Marty's so the kids could eat quickly at her house and get ready for bed.
Grammy ended up giving them a bath with me, which was so much fun. Blake was playing with a cup and was giving Grammy "Skittles" of all different colors. He would put water in the cup, pinch a bit of it and then say "Grammy. Dis wun es yewoah skitto." "No dis wun es bwue wun". It is something I want to remember forever.
Saturday we woke up and played until HHH, Loren and Ellen made their arrival. It was a perfect day, which ended with the kids playing at a park by a restaurant that we were at.
Daddy and his hungry littles.
Kenna digging for food in her little bib/tray! It is so funny to watch her dig for gold in there!
Kenna eating a lemon. Yep. In love with her.
Blake kissing "Ewen"
Ahhh...swinging. The ultimate kid-pleaser! I wish I could swing now without getting sick to my stomach!

Oh-Kenna's new thing is to take her bow, barret, pony, anything you put in her hair, she will take out. It is hilarious to watch her when she doesn't have something in to try and take it out. It's like a phantom bow and she'll keep trying to take it out, even though there's nothing in!
Trying to get it out. Wrong side babe. Wrong side!
Look mommy! I got it out!

Sunday arrived. We enjoyed an uneventful morning at home (other than we had to find a new church b/c Grammy's pastor was ill), went to said church, then to the Lake Club for lunch. We ate outside, which turned out to be a fabulous day to eat lunch outside.

After lunch the kids played in the beach area where Blake raked and shoveled the sand.

Nap time followed quickly after lunch and then...


the dreaded drive home. Yuck. However, our children were...yet again amazing on the ride home. Except a few screaming episodes where we had to roll down the windows so we didn't ruin our hearing.

The above are taken during one of the screaming episodes. Kenna's hair is so wispy right now that the wind just took it away! Notice the food crumbs all over!? Gotta love eating in the car with a 10 month old!

All in all, it was a fabulous weekend. We got to hang out with Grammy, chat on the pier on the lake, eat at yummy restaurants, our children were well-behaved and the driving wasn't so bad. I just wish she lived closer!

Monday, May 11, 2009


The one thing I've wanted to be since I was a little girl is a MOMMY. I remember playing with my friend's baby siblings and my parents always saying I needed to play with my friends. I remember babysitting and never wanting to put the baby down and the mom's saying "he/she can walk". Yeh. Whatever.

Now that I am a mom, I know why I always wanted to be one. It is absolutely. Positively. THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD.
Some of the highlights I have had in the last two and a half years:
Sneaking into my little one's rooms to pick them up and rock them while they sleep.
Having the overwhelming feeling that your heart is beating outside of your body the moment Blake and Makenna were born.
Having the feeling that your heart is going to jump out of your chest the moment my kids took their first breath because you love them SO. MUCH.
Having my kids say mama for the first time. Blake was 18 months and Makenna was 8 months!
When you Blakey gets hurt and nobody can console him except-me!
Having Kenna say MamaMamaMamaMama when she just wants to be held.
Holding my kids and having them put their heads on my shoulder to snuggle.
Having Blake say "I wuv you mama!" Oh. It'll melt your heart everytime!
That natural instinct to run into their rooms when they start sleeping through the night to make sure they are still breathing. I remember being in their rooms and thinking "how did I get in here!?" Blake started sleeping 7-7 at 4 months, and Makenna was 3 months. Best book to help? 12 hours by 12 weeks. Our wonderfully pediatrician recommended it.
Hearing Blake use his manners and say "hankyou Mommy fo heping me!" or "hankyou Mommy fo getting me my food!" He's a charmer, I tell ya!

These two little ones have made my world so much better! I have learned a great deal about myself by being their mommy and working with Mikey to raise them to be polite, caring and happy children!

Blake @ 3 days old.

Makenna @ 2 weeks.
The two of them 3 days after Kenna was born:

Oh! How I love these two to bits and pieces and want to just nibble on them all day long!

Monday, May 4, 2009

What did you say?

Huh? What? You said you love us to bits and pieces?!

Geez Mom. You're making me blush!