Monday, August 10, 2009

I know! I know!

It's only been forever since I've posted.
What have we been up to? Hmmm... Here's a little list:
Potty training
Moving out of crib
Painting/redecorating room
Traveling abroad (to Chile)
Traveling south to Uncle Myles' farm
Celebrating a 1st birthday
Celebrating a 29th birthday
Celebrating a 28th birthday
Learning to walk
Going to a rodeo
Going to a wedding
Getting a first class tour of a fire station
Celebrating a 6 year anniversary

Going to the beach....ahhh! The days of summer are getting the best of us.

Let's start in order by date:
Blake decided that, on Mike's birthday, he'd give him an awesome birthday gift. The gift of potty-training himself. Yep! You heard it. He decided to march his little behind into the bathroom, without any prompting, and pee on the potty. He tried the little potty, but felt like goldilocks and the three bears. It just didn't fit right. Then, he was off to the "big boy" potty.

Much better! Ever since, he's been all undies, except bedtime and naptime. Amazing, I know. I always thought he'd be the "tough kid" to potty train. Nope. He definitely has a mind of his own.

Next on the agenda?
Our 6 year anniversary. Time flies, I know. I cannot believe it has been 6 years.
What did we do to celebrate? I surprised Mike by having my brother and sister in law watch the kids for the night, and I booked a room at the St. Paul Hotel
It was awesome. A perfect STAYcation!
We went to Axel's in Mendota Heights for steak and drinks. I got a yummy martini and Mike got the sampler of scotch. Afterwards, we went to the Grand 'Ole Creamery for ice cream. Double YUM YUM!

Back to the hotel for bubble baths and enjoying the last 6 years of marriage!
The next morning we woke up to rain, but that didn't hinder our plans to go to the Wabasha Street Caves. They were pretty cool, and the history behind them was very interesting. to more food at Ike's in Minneapolis for hamburgers, caramel rolls, french fries and a little diet coke.
Oh-how delicious it was!
We thoroughly enjoyed our time together and are planning on doing many more stay-cations in the future!

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