Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Have you ever looked at something and totally felt the feeling that you were outside of your body viewing the world looking through your own body? I was listening to the radio a while back and they were talking about "God Moments". Basically, the moments that take your breath away and make you feel that God was totally in control. One of those moments happened to me at the rodeo back in June. The sky was an eery shade of black/blue, the stars were out, the sun was setting, the horses were directly to our side and the world was oblivious to the fact that my two year old was jamming away to the music. It.was.simply.amazing.
Such a small glimpse in time, yet such a memorable one for me. It was so cool to watch Blake jam away to the song on the loudspeaker without a care in the world as we stood next to the fence that stood between us and the horses.

If this picture of a girl totally enamored with her daddy doesn't melt your heart, I don't know what does. Maybe the sight of your hubby with your baby? Oh man! I love these two so much!

A girl and her papa.

A boy and his daddy!

Love the baby arms.

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  1. Yes- those are the moments that stay with you forever! How BEAUTIFUL your family is. Miss you so much! Congratulations on your anniversary. Such a major accomplishment these days. It's hard for me to believe you have been married that long. Time flies!
    Love the Baby arms pic. I think I actually "ooohed" out loud! I remember looking at Peyton sleeping one day realizing that the baby fat on her hands was going away and she was turing into a little girl. I actually cried. What a softy I am! So glad to see you posting again. I was about to fly out and harrass you!