Sunday, November 22, 2009

Corners and Tags

Something I want to be able to share with my littles as they grow up:
Blake...has always been a blankie baby. When he was "little" up until about a year ago, he would take his blankie in his hand and rub it between his pointer and thumb. His "yellow" blankie, which is actually white, has a soft fleece-like side and a satin other side. He would position the blankie just right so it would slide smoothly between his fingers. He upgraded a year or so ago to the corners of his blanket. He will push the corner in, then squeeze the sides and it will pop up, just so he can do it over again. Unfortunately, the corners have become too soft and now only one corner does the popping up!

Makenna....has become quite a blankie babe as well. She calls it her B and is obsessed with the tags on them. She is not partial to just one blanket, but many. When we are driving to daycare, she usually has a blanket with her and has to have the tag on the blanket in her right hand with her thumb in her, unless she "settles" for it in her left hand, yet still has her thumb in her mouth. Sometimes, if she can't find her tag on the blankie, she will come up to us and say "P, P, P, P" in a really whiney voice and hand us her blanke. (P is Please for Kenna). She is hinting that she wants us to find the tag for her.
Ugh! Seriously! LOVE THEM!

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