Monday, February 22, 2010


My pregnancies, in particular:
Have. Been. WONDERFUL! I have nothing to complain about with my two previous pregnancies, nor this one. (Except a slight case of heart burn that is easily solved with a little bit of OTC meds.)

My favorite parts of pregnancy:
1. telling people we are expecting
2. starting to show
3. feeling the baby 1st move
4. feeling the baby really start to move and holding my hand on my tummy waiting for him/her to kick or punch my hand
5. seeing the baby on the ultrasound
6. feeling the baby's hickups
7. getting close to my due date and not knowing when they baby will decide to make his/her grand entrance into this world ( usual, or at least that's what I hope for!)

One thing that is different from this pregnancy than my other two is that I get to share our excitement of the upcoming baby with Blake and Makenna. Blake is completely, 100% convinced the baby is a boy. If we say "what if it is a girl?" he will say "it isn't mommy. It is a boy and he is going to sleep in my bedroom in the new house." Good thing he's got this whole life-thing planned out.
Makenna is adorable with the idea of a baby. If I ask her where the baby is, she will lift up her shirt and say "baby". Then I ask her again where mommy's baby is and she will point to my stomach and again say "baby".
I am now 24 weeks and will get to see what this little one that is so active 4 short months! (probably closer to 4 1/2 months, as Blake was 11 days late and Makenna was 6 days late)
This is a picture of me pregnant with Makenna on her due date:

CRazY! I know. I look like a torpedo. No wonder I've got such lovely stretch marks. Oh-the joys of being a mommy!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Garbage Man

Our little man is such a sweetheart.
We got him a garbage truck for his birthday because he thinks they are the coolest things ever. He will wait by the window when the garbage man comes an watch intently at all that goes into picking up our garbage. We have even had the opportunity to meet our garbage man and let him know he is Blake's idol.

Here is a conversation we've had over the past few weeks:
Me: "Blake, what do you want to be when you grow up?"
Blake: "A Garbage man" matter of fact-ly.
Me: "Hmmm...really?"
Blake: "Yes," he says "Garbage men can can be daddy's too mommy."
Me: "oH...they can!? You don't want to be a football player or a hockey player?"
Blake: "No. " (in a completely annoyeed voice like I didn't hear him say it before. "A garbage man. 'Cause they can be daddy's."

And so the conversation has been going the last few weeks. Apparently I was unaware that garbage men can be daddy's. SO...A garbage man he shall be! I'm sure they make lots of money and hey-they get to be outside all day long! Can't complain about that, except in the dead heat of summer. No thanks on those days.