Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Do you want to?

While in the car riding to daycare, I catch a glance at Blake leaning over towards Kenna in her carseat. He is talking to her and I turn down the radio so I can better hear what he is saying. Here is how the conversation went:
"Kenna, do you want to be a light fixer?" Kenna's reply "Nuh-uh"
"Kenna, do you want to be a bettery changer?" Again, the reply of "Nuh-uh"
"Kenna, do you want to be a cow?" and she responds while laughing "Uh-huh"
Blake looked at me and said "Mom, Kenna wants to be a cow. Not a light fixer or a battery changer, a COW!" And he starts giggling because he realizes how funny it is, she continues to laugh because she knows he is playing with him and we all go about our merry way!

As a side note:
Blake thinks that there are people who come into your house and change your lights, fix batteries and fix anything else that needs to be fixed. If a toy needs a battery he says we need to call the battery man. 'Cause he will come and fix it.

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  1. OMG! I LOVE IT!!! Their perspective on life is priceless. These are the moments we live for isn't it? Soak every single one up. How special your babies are. Kisses to all. Miss you