Thursday, June 24, 2010

House Progress

We are in the thick of house-building. It has been quite the process thus far, and here are some pictures of the progress:

Some of the work Mike put into clearing the area. HOURS, upon HOURS, upon HOURS of him clearing trees, brush, junk, etc. (And one trip to the ER for some stitches)

The house area (with the old barn) prior to digging.

The kids and Mike in the excabator (as Blake calls it).

Blake digging the dirt out with Ryan (the excavator guy).

My babes watching the guys!

Josh (in white), our builder...he LOVES concrete!

Pouring rock into the basement before the cement is poured.

Watching the digger on a rainy day.

Hugely pregnant lady in her basement.

Baby girl sportin' some construction material.

The trusses are up on the first floor!

Pouring the concrete for the basement floor.

Our construction crew hard at work.

And the best part?

(or what will one day be our front door!)

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