Thursday, September 9, 2010

House update

Whew! It's been quite a while, I know. Here are a few pictures to satisfy all of YOU!
The house is MUCH, MUCH more done than this, but these are the pics off of my camera. I will take some more and update a bit later (tonight-maybe)!
Here is our living room, with the box on the left where our fireplace will be. A real fireplace-yup! I know. Call us crazy. The mess, the dirtyness, the work. Ahhhh....but the sound and smell of a real fireplace simply. cannot. be. beat!

These are the french doors that will eventually lead out onto our deck. To the left is the kitchen window.

Our own little Walnut Grove that we (me brother, sister and I)planted with my dad when I was probably 8 or so!

Here is our front door from the inside looking out.

The garages and the two dormers to the left are my mom's living room and her bedroom. The one on the right is Blake's room.

More pics to follow!

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  1. Thank goodness! I've been waiting FOREVER! Can't wait to see more!