Friday, December 3, 2010

Oh Christmas Card Oh Christmas Card!

You've been in and out of our lives over the past 7 years. Hopefully this year I will be able to maintain an annual card. With the help of shutterfly's Christmas photo cards I think my dreams will come true! If only I had done Crosby's birth announcements using Shutterfly (, I could have used the time it took to make them all and assemble all of them and put it to better use addressing the envelopes and putting stamps on them. Oh well...right? He's not 6 months yet! We usually do a calendar for Mike's grandma using, and I better get on it so I can order my Christmas Cards and her calendar BEFORE Christmas! There was a year when I forgot it and ended up having it made at a store by our house, but I think they always looks so much nicer when you can set your photos in the layout you want and they are in-puted (is that a word?) into the calendar online, THEN printed. to Shutterfly I go to put together our Christmas cards. I can't wait to see what they look like! Thanks Shutterfly for all you do!

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