Sunday, January 23, 2011

The old house

Our mailbox. That still is our *current* mailbox until this frozen tundra thaws out!

One view...pre-tear down.

The road view. It was such a beautiful day for pictures. The lighting was amazing!

Pulling the snow away from the house so the deck can be ripped off.

Yes, that cloud is 100+ years of dust and dirt from inside the walls.

Josh...FYI-if you smile...the camera will break!

Much better Mr. Lafond! And Larry. The excavator guy. What a great picture you two!

Kids pics

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We've been having a ton of fun this winter playing outside in the snow. Crosby even enjoys being outside in the snow while in the backpack.

Blake has enjoyed it the most. He will play for hours and hours playing with shovels, wrestling the dogs and whatnot. He'll even stay out for an extra few minutes if he gets hot chocolate when he comes in!

Look at these cheeks. Somedays you've just got to squeeze 'em. She'll let you!

And look who's growing up right in front of us! Crosby is now sitting up a lot and will even feed himself a bottle. My baby is getting so big, so fast! He's now starting to get up on all fours and rock. Look out world: We've got a crawler on our hands SOON!

This is what happens when you give a baby an orange for the first time:

The driveway pictures:

Some more pictures...

Getting our driveway done

The awesome HHH inspecting the work while we get our driveway done:

Kenna sneaking some juice inside while they did the driveway...and a picture of our kitchen. Pre-appliances and pre-cleaning!
Our little charmer outside while we had a bonfire before the snow started to fall!
A little Woody and Jessie action!
The outside of our house how it looks

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The things they say....

The other night I was putting Blake to bed and we were saying prayers. He was praying that he got "the Toystory aliens, and bullseye, and" then he paused and said "I pray that Bailey could come back from hea-bin. Anna's Bailey, and Anna's dad (GaryD) and Papa Dave. I pray they all could come back from hea-bin." It was so sweet and so genuine that I started to cry. The innocence of his sweet prayer forced me to step back and realize how simple life would be if all our prayers could be realized. Blake asked me why I was crying and I told him it was because I was so happy that he wanted everyone back. He asked why they couldn't come back, and Ummm. . . let's see. How to explain that to a 4 year old! I told him that God needed them more than we did so God was going to keep them with Him until we get to go to heaven. He seemed satisfied with that answer, but he has been quite fizated on death and dying and how people die and all that (not so fun) stuff.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

House Update

Okay. Another update, and a sneek peak! I'm going to update over the next few days so all of you have something to "sink your teeth into", and then the big reveal in a week or so.

What you ask are we doing in this picture?

Got any ideas?

Why...insulating our ceiling so our house is "somewhat" sound-proof! One of the joys of custom building is we could do things we wanted to along the way, provided we stayed out of everyone's way!

Insulation is NASTY! It is so itchy and the little particles make it a must for wearing glasses!

This is the hallway upstairs looking from the stairwell.

Whoever said that bribing your kids is not "healthy"?

You're wrong.'ve never built a house before! (notice the sucker in Kenna's hand)

The kids were so good throughout the whole process, especially when Mike and I were working on things that practically brought us to divorce court! Seriously.

What was it that almost got us there? Nope. Not 3 kids in under 3 1/2 years. Not living with your parents, while having another baby and living with your sister. It was:

Tiling. Yep. Tile. I, by myself, have tiled 3 bathrooms. (all at our old house). However, this tile job got the best of both of us. The tiles are 24", so they're not an easy thing to do. And having a perfectionist husband laying the tile and making them perfect also did not add ease to the project! We set out to tile our mudroom and all 3 bathrooms. We made it through tiling the mudroom and the main floor bathroom, and caved. We had a tile guy finish our bathroom and the kids' bathroom!

Mike working hard at perfect!

Our bathtub that we had someone else do, which helped to save our marriage!

A little sneak peek you asked for?

Welcome Home!