Saturday, January 15, 2011

House Update

Okay. Another update, and a sneek peak! I'm going to update over the next few days so all of you have something to "sink your teeth into", and then the big reveal in a week or so.

What you ask are we doing in this picture?

Got any ideas?

Why...insulating our ceiling so our house is "somewhat" sound-proof! One of the joys of custom building is we could do things we wanted to along the way, provided we stayed out of everyone's way!

Insulation is NASTY! It is so itchy and the little particles make it a must for wearing glasses!

This is the hallway upstairs looking from the stairwell.

Whoever said that bribing your kids is not "healthy"?

You're wrong.'ve never built a house before! (notice the sucker in Kenna's hand)

The kids were so good throughout the whole process, especially when Mike and I were working on things that practically brought us to divorce court! Seriously.

What was it that almost got us there? Nope. Not 3 kids in under 3 1/2 years. Not living with your parents, while having another baby and living with your sister. It was:

Tiling. Yep. Tile. I, by myself, have tiled 3 bathrooms. (all at our old house). However, this tile job got the best of both of us. The tiles are 24", so they're not an easy thing to do. And having a perfectionist husband laying the tile and making them perfect also did not add ease to the project! We set out to tile our mudroom and all 3 bathrooms. We made it through tiling the mudroom and the main floor bathroom, and caved. We had a tile guy finish our bathroom and the kids' bathroom!

Mike working hard at perfect!

Our bathtub that we had someone else do, which helped to save our marriage!

A little sneak peek you asked for?

Welcome Home!


  1. It's so beautiful! I can't wait to see more... just got your mom's xmas card yesterday and heard you were able to move in before thanksgiving! What gives... hurry up on those pics!! Love you

  2. more, more, more, please!! and more pics of the babies!
    ps: can't WAIT to see you in March!!