Thursday, January 20, 2011

The things they say....

The other night I was putting Blake to bed and we were saying prayers. He was praying that he got "the Toystory aliens, and bullseye, and" then he paused and said "I pray that Bailey could come back from hea-bin. Anna's Bailey, and Anna's dad (GaryD) and Papa Dave. I pray they all could come back from hea-bin." It was so sweet and so genuine that I started to cry. The innocence of his sweet prayer forced me to step back and realize how simple life would be if all our prayers could be realized. Blake asked me why I was crying and I told him it was because I was so happy that he wanted everyone back. He asked why they couldn't come back, and Ummm. . . let's see. How to explain that to a 4 year old! I told him that God needed them more than we did so God was going to keep them with Him until we get to go to heaven. He seemed satisfied with that answer, but he has been quite fizated on death and dying and how people die and all that (not so fun) stuff.

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  1. What a sweet dear boy! The toughest questions with toughest answer are always the most important. Drew did a similar thing around that age and again a few months see the world thru their eyes, the simple things, the little "simple" prayers....ah, can you imagine how amazing life would seem and how silly our worries and anxiety would be! Give Blakers a hug from the Grabowski' have a great boy there Nicole and he came from YOU and is being shaped by YOU...amazing!