Sunday, February 13, 2011


Santa came to our house on Christmas Eve!

(Isn't he a hottie!?)

He delivered the goods to our fabulous little ones...

He posed for a few pictures and then woke up a little girl...

He woke up a little boy as well, but he was QUITE crabby, and NOT impressed!
He was, however, excited the next morning that Santa did, in fact come, and deliver the goods. He was also very inquisitive as to how Santa got down the chimney with his big bag. He seemed to be okay with the idea that Santa is magical and can do magic (coming down the chimney and not getting burnt).

The four cousins. Not too easy getting 4-4 and under to look in the same direction. Smiling at the same time AND looking? Not gonna happen!
My brother and SIL at Christmas dinner. (That's Matthew's sippy cup and baby food)

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  1. Just saw your comment, thanks so much for your sweet words. It's nice to be encouraged! Your children are beautiful, looks like you all had a great time! :)