Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sweet dreams!

If you were wondering what all the lumber was for in the last post...

Here's your first clue:

Any guesses?

A bit more of the view...I'm sure you all know what it is now!

Yep. I made our headboard. Me. By myself (Mike helped do a little distressing, and helped put the 4 x 4 post legs on). I know. I know. You can't believe I (a girl) could do this!? Yep, me neither. Ana White at drew up the plans. She posts homemade furniture plans that even a novice can do. Our plans came from the farmhouse bed plans. This was my first project and it took quite a bit of time, but that's because I'd work on it for 10 minutes here, an hour there, and I really didn't know what I was doing.

Kindof amazing-right? I think so. I couldn't believe it when we went into Pottery Barn a few weeks ago and took a look at this bed which we've been drooling over for years:

But with a heft $1,499 price tag, it doesn't exactly fit into our budget! Here's one that is a bit more within the budget:

But honestly, at $999, I'd rather spend money on fun stuff like garden plants and grass for our yard!

So, I made my own. It cost me less than $100. You'd never know the difference. Really, you can't tell that I made it with my own two hands, a cordless drill and a table saw. Amazing...huh?

Sorry to seem conceited, but really?! I built it. I've never built anything before, except our deck, which was really just a few support beams and some wood. All. by. Myself!

And now we don't feel like we're in college with our bed on the floor and no headboard.

Want me to build you one? I'd be up for it!


  1. Totally, totally amazing! I can't believe it! You rock!!

  2. Nice work! If I were in MN, I'd definitely MAKE you should me how!

  3. Well done! Hope you are still building. Ana's plans get a lot of us making furniture!