Monday, January 2, 2012


Why all the dirty feet?

Fluffy cotton-like gunk in his hair?

Why...we landscaped our muddy yard, but of course!
This was one of the first things we did to begin the final landscaping projects...we took down a huge-HUGE Cottonwood tree on the side of our house. It was an enormous tree...the biggest one in the yard. It was stuck at some point by lightning and had a large cavity that was rotting. We talked to our insurance agent and he said if it fell on the house, insurance would cover $500 of the removal. Not something we wanted to hear, so we paid less than half of that to have it removed.

John arrived right at 7:30 and was in and out of the branches like Tarzan. He had the tree cut down in less than 20 minutes!

And this was the mess that was left. It looks like a forest on the ground!

As you can see, our kids had no problem playing in the driveway all of the spring before we seeded. Isn't this picture adorable of them? Bikes propped up, chatting away about something very important to a 2 and 4 year old!

Here's a picture of Kenna and I starting to get the front gardens ready. She had no problem getting totally filthy in the mud and muck!

We decided to landscape in the front of our house as well as the tiered landscape under the office window!

Here's close to the final grade:

Here's a picture right after our sprinkler system was installed.

And the moment we finally waited for: grass to sprout!

More grass beginning to grow!

Then, it was time to landscape the backyard. Tyler came over with his bobcat and assisted in making the yard look great! Dirty pigs were just the icing on top of a long, hard-working day spent driving a bobcat around and distributing fresh soil and seed throughout the yard where the old house was.

A dirty little face to match those pigs!

No worries! Crosby got to enjoy the dirt and mud of the day as well!

After baths, these two littles got to go outside and see what Blake was up to while they were bathing!

Driving the bobcat with Ty was what he was up to!
Thanks, Ty, for all your hardwork!

Here's some of the front gardens. Tons of dirt, hundreds of plants and 100's of bags of bark mulch were added to make these gardens look as they do!

Who's that hotty down there!!!!! WOOOT woot! He's my HHH!

Ms. Kali enjoyed napping by us as we finished the gardens and put some finishing touches!

And one final picture of the first time Mike mowed our new "lawn" which ended up being mostly weeds at the end of the year. It ended up downpouring for about the last 15 minutes of his lawn-mowing!

And that, is part of our landscaping journey. There was definitely more that we did, and much more that we have to do this year. Welcome to home building!

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