Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Now's my time!

So...I started this blog post over a year ago (February 2013) and I am now just finishing it (April 2014).  

(Winter running on the Luce Line trail)

It is my turn. To get rid of this baby weight! Is it okay to call it baby weight when my baby will be three in June? I think so, seeing as though I gained ( And never lost 10 lbs with each baby). Sad. I know.. But that's changing!

I joined Anytime Fitness less than a mile from where we live.  I already have started to become one of the regulars during my 5:30 AM workout.   I think there will always be stories of the people that workout at the gym. The funniest so far is the guy that does hip thrusts facing the mirror and then does them with the mirror at his side.  He is probably in his early 40s and is not sheepish at all about really thrusting those hips!

I also bought a weightlifting program through www.busymomgetsfit.com. I have always enjoyed in weightlifting and feel this type of workout suits my body.  I have always hated that I am muscular, but now it is time to embrace my genes that my wonderful dad passed on to me!  Work with what you've got.  Right?  

(Day 1 picks) 
My goals: 
1. complete the 12 week program
2.  Eat "cleaner" ... When I was in college I rarely ate anything processed. Now that I have kids it is hard not to, but I have started to cut out most of the processed food in our house, which is making it much easier!  
3. Ultimately...lose 50 total lbs.   I know, it's a lot, but I know it is possible, I just have to keep believing in myself!  
3.  Record my food intake.... It is amazing to me how easily portion sizes can get out of control.

Here I go!  

Mission: hot mom!  

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