Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Welcome back to my blog! It’s been a while, and I have meant to write a post many times, but time never came. More like I never made time, but regardless….let’s hope I don’t wait 13 months for another post.
Onto my post:

We got Kali when she was 5 1/2 weeks old. We had just moved into our house and knew that a house was not a home without a dog. So...2 weeks after we moved in, we were on our way after work to go pick her up. She was adorable. All her extra fur on the scruff of her neck, her puppy breath, how she flopped around when she ran, and how she'd sit down in the middle of the road while we were on walks and refused to move. Inevitably, we'd have to carry her home. She was, in every sense of the word, our baby.

She grew up and was such an amazing companion. She loved to go on walks with me in the woods by our house and never needed to be on a leash. She'd run about 20 feet ahead of me, then run right back. She especially liked the stream that ran near the path.

When she was 3, she became a "big dog sister" when Blake was born. She had a way of smiling at you when she was completely happy. Bringing Blake home certainly brought out that smile. She was smitten with him and always tried to sneak in a lick or two.
Blake and Kali developed a special bond. She loved to lay on the floor with him, follow him around when he started crawling and playing with him in the kiddie pool in the summer.

Throughout the years, she helped us welcome 2 more human babies, helped me traing for a marathon, welcomed us home every night, brought us much pleasure watching her freak out when we'd let her play with a tennis ball and would aid in arm cramps while throwing said ball over and over again off the dock!

Kali was so gentle and kind and was the best dog to our three little kids. She had so much patience with them and really let them do whatever they wanted to her. Put dirt on her, pull her ears, steal her food, bring her up in the swing set, make her slide down the slide, you name it....she let them do it to her. With one exception....take her tennis ball away from her. That NEVER happened, or she'd bark and bark and bark until they gave it back to her.

Unfortunately, we had to make the tough decision a few weeks ago to put Kali to sleep and pray that we will see her again in heaven. It was a tough, tough day, but certainly the memories of all the good times with her will stick with us for a lifetime.

I love you Krazy K, Baby Girl, Kal-Pal, Gustie pup, Kali-Kali!

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  1. Okay, I knew I shouldn't read this post at work... I'm crying like a baby. Oh Nicole, I so can feel your pain and don't envy your loss. I am so sorry this happened to your sweet girl. It is a shame that some of the kindest souls only grace our lives for such a short time. Hugs to all of you.