Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Crazy busy, or something like that!

I feel as though life is flying by with record speed. Everyone always told me that as our kids get older, you never really seem to get a grasp on the busyness of life. That is so true!
Over the last couple of months we recently got a new addition to our family: 
Meet Pippi! 
She is such a fun dog. Mike and I never really wanted a small ankle biter dog, until I saw these little puppies at the breeder where we got Kali. She is and Mountain Feist and is hilarious. She doesn't bite our ankles, but she certainly bites Jax's ankles! 

We stayed overnight in a hotel over Mike's spring break:

All boy, with a girl's life jacket on. 😁

We had a little one get sick:
We celebrated a birthday
We traveled to Wisconsin and Iowa

And we recently had a celebration, as it has been 20 years since my dad died. 
More on that to come in another post!