Saturday, November 16, 2013

More time flew by!

Yikes!  Another few months have passed by!  The party for my dad?  It's going to have to have its own post.  
Since the last update we have finished another awesome summer, gone camping a few times, started school, played a time outside, and thoroughly enjoyed life.
Here is some proof:
Crosby learn how to ride a bike
I fixed up an old dresser that I bought on craigslist


Goofball trying to be a biker like daddy! 

Canning salsa
And pasta sauce

Orchard visits

Parade in Wayzata
Killing time at a wedding
Visiting friends up north

Captain Kim
HHH ... isn't he dreamy!  
Double rainbow on the way home boating!  
Silly Millie

I Flew to Santiago, Chile to watch my sister run her 1st marathon

Chile winery Casillero del Diablo

Watch Mike's football team win the championship

Celebrated birthday #7
Went to the Gopher hockey game
Went trick or treating
And went to another Gopher hockey game!  Phew!  We are now caught up to today! 

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog :) We live about 20 mins north of the cities...looks like you have had a BUSY but fun fall so far!